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Monique Becker



The most difficult experiment is to implement the sensivity and the daily emotions anew in my paintings. I want to experience this daunting challenge in the art.

The festival of colors in their vibrant tones, their agile and flaming movements you get caught in, the many successively applied layers give me the opportunity to express my view of freedom and the pleasures of life.

Human beings, the soul, the curiosity, the observation and the experiments...

Monique Becker
married Vannieuwenhuyse

atelier: open on request




Monique Becker


Monique Becker lives and works in Luxembourg.

Born in Luxembourg in 1958.

Numerous courses including all techniques of painting an drawings at the Art Academies Trier, Bad Reichenhall and Kolbermoor.

Student at the courses of Professor Markus Lüpertz, Professor Siegfried Anzinger and master student of Professor Hermann Nitsch.

2014International Artists Symposium
Atelier an der Donau
Award of Honour in painting
2015international ART Symposium in Malaga


february 2014Messe ART Innsbruck 2014
april 2014Millegalerie Beckerich, Luxembourg
november 201421 Artstreet, Kehlen (Galerie à Luxembourg)
february 2015Messe ART Innsbruck 2015
april 2015Galerie ORFEO Luxembourg
january 2016ART Fair Innsbruck 2016
february 2016Ausstellung des Studiengangs und Meisterklasse
Hermann Nitsch, Kolbermoor, Allemagne
april 2016Galerie Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
april 2016Expostion collective Zaepert, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg
august 2016Schlossgalerie Mondsee, Autriche
september 2016New Jorg Gallery, Kalmthout, Belgique
march 2017L'Espace H2O, Ville de Differdange, Luxembourg
may 2017Expo Uecht, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg
may 20179. Biennale d'art contemporain de la Commune de Strassen
may 2017Galerie ORFEO, Luxembourg
june 2017Abschlussausstellung von Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Kolbermoor, Allemagne
july 2017Galerie ANARKIA, Reykjavik, Island
september 2017Valerius Art Gallery, Luxembourg
november 2017Salon du Cal, Cercle Artistique, Luxembourg
february 2018Ballhaus, Düsseldorf, Allemagne
april 2018Valerius Art Gallery, Luxembourg
april 2018Lankels, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg
june 2018Abschlussausstellung der Meisterklasse von Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Kolbermoor, Allemagne
november 2018Salon du Cal, Cercle Artistique, Luxembourg
november 2018Solo Exhibition, Valerius Art Gallery, Luxembourg
february 2019Gallerie Schlassgoart, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg



Monique Becker sees the awakening of power and emotions in people by applying the colour, the touching of the canvas, the different layers, the lines and structures of her work.

She is experimenting with her techniques and observing her artworks, by analysing how the different layers flow in themselves.

You can see this sensual intensity in her paintings.

Open on request



Monique Becker
Phone: 621 197 787
Email: info@moniquebecker.lu

atelier: open on request