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Monique Becker in her studio

"Monique’s works present an ongoing exploration of the colour black in contrast to white and grey shades, as well as earth tones. The artist creates poetic large formats in which utter physical commitment and a close engagement with the canvas are required. Inherent in the artist's paintings are a high degree of spontaneity as well as a dynamic use of brushes, body parts and colours. It is not uncommon to see relief-like elements in the artist's paintings, highlighted by the full use of her body, but mostly her hands, revealing claws and scratches. The artist brings forth a vibrant festival of colors - black, white, grey, ocher, brown, pale pink, olive green - and inflamed movements that captivate the viewer. The artist is expressing freedom and a joie de vivre by superimposing and the coexistence of paint layers and materials. Monique’s paintings evoke a sensual intensity and are charged with emotions. The artist focuses on herself and her sensations, which are often shaped by her engagement with nature."


Video Still  (16).jpg

"When painting and space coincide, it changes the perception of both variables. Even if painting as two-dimensional art contradicts a spatial experience when viewed superficially, the dynamic tension of an energetic depth, unresolved and exciting, can arise, which has an effect far beyond the scope of the painting. A contemplative energy can arise between the two dimensions, which in turn forms the haptic, relief-like, flat and dominating structure of the foreground. The colour black is both dominant and latently aggressive. Both without each other are not possible. The colour is not understood as a hue, as a colour tone, but as a substance, as a spillable, sprayable, smearable matter."

Hermann Nitsch, 2015

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